Internet in Ibiza is changing.

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Revolutionary New Internet Services

We’ve built a State of the Art network around Ibiza, giving tourists, businesses and residents a better Internet, Wi-Fi and Social experience.

For Venues

We brought better Internet and Wi-Fi to over 50 top Ibiza venues in 2014, meaning no more headaches, just smiley customers.

For Hotels

An improved experience for visitors

We believe tourists should enjoy the same quality of connection from the hotel to the club to the beach! We’re now expanding our service to hotels to ensure this is the case.

For Holidaymakers

Amazing Wi-Fi everywhere you go for just €10

For Residents

We’re lighting up areas that have been left in the dark.

We’re bringing fast and reliable Internet to the forgotten areas of Ibiza, improving the lives of those who live on the island.

For Special Events

In 2014 Vodafone, Corona Sunsets, IMS Ibiza and Healing Ibiza all chose Be Free to power their major events and conferences.

We provided high bandwidth connections for 1000’s of simultaneous users at these these events giving capacity for live streaming and broadcasting.